Be part of creating a truly revolutionary guitar orchestra

Be part of creating a truly revolutionary guitar orchestra

Chris Woods’ latest project ‘Guitar Revolution’ is making its debut at the London Acoustic Show on 10 September, giving you the chance to join The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra on stage!

Guitar Revolution is your chance to learn something new, and be part of creating a truly revolutionary guitar orchestra. The piece is made up of four parts: some so simplistic an absolute beginner could learn them and other parts that are perfect for a virtuoso.

There is a part for everyone to play in this unique piece.

All tabs can be found in the July issue of Acoustic Magazine, on sale 5 July. It’s up to you to decide which part you want to learn, on the day there will be a run through before the performance, so don’t panic. Click here to sign up to the Guitar Revolution mailing list, so we can let you know any important info.

There are four parts in this piece:

The Riff, which is a simplistic, repeated pattern. It’s ideal for less confident players or someone who has never touched a guitar. This is tinted red in the official video.

The Arpeggio part, which contains just four chords. It’s tinted green in the vid.

The Melody – simplistic and catchy. Tinted blue in the video.

And finally the Advanced part, which is a real pleasure to wrap your fingers around. This is tinted yellow in the official video.

Now it’s up to you to decided which part you want to learn. The tab and in-depth tuition videos are also available to download and view for you from – all for free.

Of course you can always email Chris at

So what are you waiting for – pick up a copy of the mag or visit Chris’s website and get learning!

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  1. glad to see you put all the parts out that people can play. good for the people who may not know what a verse or riff is

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