One of the most influential and innovative guitarists of the past quarter century, Preston Reed has confirmed that he will be making a double appearance on Sunday 11 September. Reed will be conducting a Masterclass at 12:15 before performing on our Main Stage at 15:00.

“… widely thought of as the world’s most gifted guitarist” Total Guitar

“True spellbinding guitar mastery” Guitarist Magazine

Preston is famed for revolutionising the way the acoustic guitar is played through the development of integrated percussive guitar playing in the late 1980s. Preston’s style has inspired generations of musicians around the world ever since, including many of today’s top players, such as Andy McKee and Jon Gomm. Employing multi-voiced grooves, polyrhythmic percussion and story-telling compositions, Reed’s visionary approach fully exploits the breath-taking orchestral potential of the guitar. Since 1979 Preston has released fifteen critically-acclaimed albums and performed on six continents. His extensive teaching experience includes The Swannanoa Gathering, where he taught Kaki King, his own week-long workshops in Scotland, attended by many over the years including Ed Sheeran, and his recent masterclass at Berklee College of Music. His 1994 instructional video, The Guitar of Preston Reed: Expanding the Realm of Acoustic Playing, continues to set today’s and tomorrow’s top players on the path to developing their own musical voices on the instrument. From his roots in blues, rock, funk and jazz to explorations in Middle Eastern and neo-classical styles, Reed’s music embraces familiar sounds in a fresh and original way. His jaw-dropping skill and unrivalled musical creativity make for a mind-blowing live performance. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to watch and learn from this great guitarist!
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