We are excited to announce that UK based instrumental phenomenon – guitarist Chris Woods, is joining the London Acoustic Show line up! When Google book an artist for their event, someone described as ‘changing the perceived boundaries of the acoustic guitar’, you know you aren't talking about your average musician. A guitarist, composer, performer, producer and educator, Chris blends ear bending drop tuned grooves with endearing stories to create his performances. There is an eerie feel to his music; a dark jazz texture driven by explosive guitar percussion Touring across the globe appearing at festivals, art houses, theatres and even prestigious shows such as the NAMM show in LA. His mind bending guitar approach is exceptional, his multi faceted creative mind has spilled out into an array of different concepts including The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra. The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra is an ever evolving collective of inspirational musicians performing with the likes of Hang drum, tabla, double bass and electronics. Chris' explosive and emotive guitar playing leads the Orchestra, and takes you on a journey from solo guitar to cinematic style epics. Make sure you catch The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra at the London Acoustic Show on Saturday 10 September. Chris will also be conducting a masterclass on Sunday 11 September. Discounted Early Bird tickets are now on sale at just £17.50, offer ends 5 June 2016. Click here call 01926 339 808 to buy your tickets now!
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