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Stewart Garry

"Watching Stewart Garry at work is an inspiring thing. The Newcastle-born guitarist steals the listener into a space where the single voice of an acoustic guitar can spin a universal story. The focus of his playing, the deftness of his hands and the beauty of his music create a narrative, a memory of a particular time and place. His songs push and pull, ebb and flow with the twin desires to linger in a moment or to push on-wards and progress. 

Stewart brings his own personal spin to the technical proficiency of Eric Roache or Andy McKee, breaking the fingerstyle genre into new depths. Influenced equally by his tenures in jazz group Continental Breakfast and in post-hardcore noiseniks Juinera, he boasts a character of playing that is simply his own."

On Stewart's new Cinematic Album Sojourner: ‘Sojourner’ is a cinematic folk album by one of the UK’s finest acoustic guitar talents, Stewart Garry. Recorded live in diverse locations around the UK and filmed simultaneously, ‘Sojourner’ is the film and the soundtrack to a story of growing up, discovering the world and finding home

Stewart has built a career playing around UK venues, but in ‘Sojourner’ he returns to places that have inspired his writing, from Laphroaig Distillery on Islay to a lighthouse in the outskirts of Newcastle It’s an album that sounds as unique as it looks, and it’s tied together by the fluid and explosive ideas that colour Stewart’s writing, improbably inspired by punk, classical, motion picture soundtracks and offshore styles. Stuart will be performing on the Acoustic Cafe at 14:00 on Sunday 11 September.  
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